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SD-20---Spartan Chemicals SD-20

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Spartan Chemicals SD-20
Item #: SD-20
Price $4.84
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Product Description:

SD-20 is a concentrated, synthetic all-purpose cleaner designed to accomplish an unusually broad range of maintenance tasks at low cost. Formulated without soap, free alkali, or ammonia, SD-20 is an "all-surface cleaner" and may be used on floors, painted walls, woodwork, marble, plastic, metal and other hard surfaces impervious to water. SD-20 mixes well with hot or cold, hard or soft water and may be applied with a sponge, mop, or other appropriate equipment. The product was authorized for use by the USDA in Federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Departments of Transportation in nearly every State approve the use of SD-20 as an asphalt release agent.

Tech Notes:
  • SD-20 All Purpose Cleaner
  • 510gram Can
  • Finally a cleaner that takes rubber off without smearing!
  • Also, great for removing grease and oils.
  • Safe on most surfaces.
  • Sold by the can

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